Dear Holistic Living Network Supporters,

It is with mixed emotions which we are informing you that the Holistic Living Network organization has reached the point that it is unable to continue to sustain itself and, therefore, effectively immediately, we will no longer be meeting. The volunteer leadership has reached its emotional, physical and time commitment limits after nearly 14 years of nursing the organization from its infancy.

Over the years, many of you have become really close friends as a result of attending HLN meetings and functions. Through the very spiritual and knowledgeable presenters and your participation we have managed to live our Vision Statement:

“The HLN provides learning and networking opportunities for those interested in all aspects of holistic living, spiritual growth, expanded awareness, complementary healthcare, and promoting a holistic balance in body, mind and spirit.”

We thank each and every one of you for your support through all those years.

…Kathleen Elmore, Peggy and Nolan Rome, and Dee Wall

Our Group

The Holistic Living Network group is here to help connect Holistic Professionals of all kinds to synergistically support each others’ vision and practice of holistic living and wellness.

This is a local group of wellness professionals who:

  • Share a passion for holistic living and wellness
  • Want to expand our outreach to more people
  • Are interested in collaborating with like-minded businesses
  • Want to establish a supportive connection with other businesses and share each others’ services
  • Are interested in working together to further expand our message via a variety of possibilities (referrals, online, websites, holistic gatherings, events, etc.)

As a group we meet monthly in an informal relaxed setting to build relationships, collaborate on ways to serve others, and develop our businesses for the good of all!

All those interested in or who provide something that makes life and the world a better place are welcome to join us.

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Who We Are

The group was founded in March 2002 by Kathleen Elmore and Peggy Rome with Nolan Rome’s administrative assistance.  Dee Wall is the Program Chairperson.

The HOLISTIC LIVING NETWORK’s purpose is to provide a community for those who are interested in learning, connecting, and transforming in holistic, spiritual, and/or metaphysical ways. We are now into our 13th year!

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