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Helping you repair and recover through creative counseling, and holistic health education. 

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My purpose is to empower clients to be self-motivated about healthy living.

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Learn the fundamentals of holistic self assessment and health maintenance. 

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“ I have known Dr. PJ for many years and have only good things to say about him and his knowledge and healing powers. In 2010 I had fallen very ill with hepatitis B. I got weaker every day and got very worried and afraid. Dr. PJ He used many different and effective healing modalities on me. It included body and energy work, he treated me with his organic farm grown herbs and targeted supplements. He put me on a raw food diet and taught me everything about it and food combining which is a crucial component of a raw food diet. He taught me specific ways of meditation and yoga to help my body heal. After 3 weeks I was over the hump and well on my way to health again. I stayed on a strict raw food diet for a year and am still 80-90% raw since. One month after Dr. PJ’s regimen,  I went to see another doctor to get blood work done to check on my liver and organ health. The doctor couldn’t believe that I had completely recovered with not a trace of the virus left. He claimed he had never seen anything like this and credited it to Dr. PJ’s skills. In 2012 I was a dealing with a very bad and painful bout of Dyshidrosis on the palm of my hands. Pharoh treated me for a week and swift healing was on the way again. ”

About Dr. PJ

He is a certified Naturopathic Physician (ND) who, now in semi-retirement., provides private and group telehealth consultations. He also teaches holistic health assessment, maintenance and natural nutrition through his daily pre-scheduled  online broadcasts. 

Dr. PJ has also been coaching his clients to successfully repair naturally since 1984, and he still lives by his motto, “a healthy client is also a wise student.” 

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